Friday, 30 March 2012

A Master Plan for your future

A management course can prepare you for higher echelons in the executive world. If you are planning to get ahead of competition at work, then an Executive MBA would be the perfect solution. It is a crisp format of management education, especially designed for professionals. By taking up Executive MBA, a person can opt for higher education without taking a professional break.

The duration for Executive MBA may vary from four weeks to one year. It has a different course structure, with a focus on practical learning and in depth knowledge on the specialized field. The executives often get to attend seminars and interact with the peer group. As this course enables better performance and can be taken up along with the job, many corporate sponsor the course.

This format has gained fame after the emergence of distance MBA in India. This version of management education enables transfer of management knowledge through online medium. The faculty conducts chat sessions and webinars. Course material is provided to the students for completing distance MBA in India.

There are many reputed colleges offering distance MBA in Pune, the most favored destination for students in India. The course content should be checked and the mode of delivery verified before choosing a college for distance MBA in India. The distance learning courses are in some ways better than the full-time versions, as they provide case-study based learning. Taking up distance MBA in Pune can prove to be highly beneficial for any professional. 

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

How to choose the best Distance Learning Program

The adage ‘look before you leap’ may well be applied to distance MBA and part time MBA. The reason being, that, when you take the leap for a distance learning MBA, how far the course will take you in your professional career must be judged beforehand.

There are a number of colleges offering distance MBA, seeing the growing demand for the course. Every course claims to include the best course material and the most convenient mode of delivery.  It is the liability of the prospective student to check the credentials of an institute, the quality of the course material and the help available. A distance learning MBA may have an online model of lectures, which can be easily availed by the students. On the other hand, there might just be the study material provided without any notes or help from the teachers. In such a case, the student has to be absolutely self dependent. It is advisable to take a look at the model papers or chat sessions that the institutes offer before zeroing on one.

A part time MBA substantially reduces the risks in this regard, as there are classes held either in the evenings or during the weekends. The level of time and dedication required for a part time MBA is certainly greater than a distance learning MBA, but the results reaped are also of a better quality, in terms of knowledge appreciation. Your need, as well as, the input you can give must be weighed before deciding in favour of any one way of pursuing an MBA.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Executive MBA Programs - Learn While You Earn

There is an increased demand for professionals with managerial skills in the Indian business sector these days. This recent upsurge has lead several working professionals to opt for part-time MBA programs, commonly known as executive MBA or EMBA programs.

The best part about the executive MBA programs is their flexibility and convenience. These programs are based on a case study model which ensures effective learning. Classes are held at convenient timing in the evening such that the daily working schedule of people doing jobs is not disturbed.

If one is settled in a reputed and well-paying job but wishes to increase growth prospects, an executive MBA may work like a magic wand, giving an extra edge as compared to other employees at the same level. The fact that one is earning while studying takes care of the tuition fee as well. Many a times, companies themselves sponsor the education of their employees.

Given the recent MBA boom in India, many good business schools have emerged which guarantee quality education as well as job placements for students. Many students are attracted to add the MBA feather in their hat to earn big figures. At this time of so many qualified MBAs entering the market, it is all the more essential for working professionals to keep upgrading their knowledge to hold on to their jobs.

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